Assisting Your Senior Loved Ones with Bathing

Bathing is a personal care need. It can be fun but, most of the time, challenging. But don’t worry because there are ways to assist them with bathing.

As a caregiver, hereunder are some of the tips Care and Assist can share:

  • Organize the bathroom.

    Toiletries must be in one reachable place. Make sure that the towels are within reach as well. Place bath mats near the bathtub to avoid slips. Lastly, install handrails, if possible, for extra assistance.

  • Assistance is necessary.

    Help out your senior loved ones with their permission, especially in reaching areas that are too difficult for them. Bending can be a challenge for them, so the lower extremities should be your priority. Senior assistance isn’t a question for us because it’s what we do best. Thus, if you are unable to assist your loved ones with bathing, we can do it in your stead.

  • Encourage them to take their time.

    Bathing should be seen as a way to relax, not torture. You can give your senior loved ones a good bathing experience by setting the temperature of the water to their liking and by customizing their bath. Place a humidifier next to their tub or fill the tub with bubbles and bath salts.

  • Dry them completely.

    Dressing them while their skin and hair are still damp could be uncomfortable for them. Hence, give them time to dry themselves. However, please don’t leave them uncovered because they might catch a cold. Cover them with a thick towel for warmth.

Follow these tips, and your loved ones will surely enjoy their bath. However, if you need actual help, our homecare providers are just one call away!

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