Healthy Activities for Seniors in Their Golden Years

Recreational activities can help senior citizens improve their emotional, mental, and physical health. They can also help them prevent unhealthy habits like isolation and inactivity. Here are some fun and healthy recreational activities for seniors to enjoy in their golden and retirement years:

  • Taking Walks

    Walks are a great exercise and activity that can help seniors improve their cardiovascular health and preserve mobility. It is also a great opportunity for them to spend some time outdoors, allowing them to get vitamin D from sunlight and enjoy the fresh air. We can connect your elderly loved ones with a caregiver who can assist them on their walks to ensure their safety and security.

  • Light Sports

    Sports can be a great activity seniors can enjoy with their loved ones. Many sports can also provide them with light exercise to improve their overall health and strength. Some sports they might enjoy include golf, swimming, tai chi, and tennis.

  • Gardening

    Gardening is a low-intensity activity that can promote mental and physical health for seniors aging at home. It also helps them spend some time outdoors, which can boost mood, promote positivity, and relieve stress & anxiety.

We offer elderly care in Southaven, Mississippi, to help your elderly loved ones enjoy fun activities at home. For more information, call Care and Assist at 901-612-0670.

Other services you could expect from us include postoperative care, companion care, and homemaking.

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