Healthy Eating Habits for People in Their Golden Years

As we age, our eating habits can change due to diet restrictions. There can be certain foods we may need to avoid, while there are also some which we need to eat more. For older adults, senior assistance can be life-changing, as meal-prepping can be part of their services.

Healthy eating habits help seniors get all the essential vitamins and minerals needed in their bodies to promote overall health and wellness. These nutrients support normal body functions to improve heart health, skin health, eye health, and many more. Good thing, we can deploy a dedicated and compassionate caregiver who is always willing to go above and beyond in providing our care services.

As a dependable service provider of in-home care in Southaven, Mississippi, here we list a few healthy eating habits your senior loved one must observe:

  • Never eat alone.
    Seniors who eat alone are most likely to skip their meals and make unhealthy food choices than those with companions. If you have a senior loved one who eats alone, always find time to eat with them. Or, you can also take advantage of our companion care service.
  • Practice portion control.
    Older adults require fewer calories a day. Whenever you or your loved ones go out to eat lunch or dinner, always pay attention to portion sizes. Our homemaking staff member only serves healthy and nutritious meals according to your prescribed diet.
  • Stay hydrated.
    Older adults tend to become thirsty as they age. It is best to stay hydrated at all times. Carbonated drinks and sugar-sweetened beverages must be out of the list.

Care and Assist is here to support your loved ones at home. Contact us today!

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