Improving Safety and Navigation at Home

If you notice your senior parent or elderly loved one having more frequent accidents at home, it may be a sign that their safety is at risk. Another tell-tale sign is unexplained bruising or wounds, for some people may attempt to hide an accident for any reason.

Improving safety should be done before the situation becomes painful. With preventive initiatives such as homemaking, the safety of everyone at home will be achieved.

A key area in improving home safety is ensuring everyone can safely move and navigate the property. Poor navigation leads to poor decision-making or delayed response. Let’s look at some suggestions to improve moving around the house.

  • Improve lighting at home to shed needed visibility in key areas. Replace old and dysfunctional bulbs that can further confuse.
  • If needed, re-arrange the furniture to provide as much movable and unobstructed space as possible. Remove unnecessary clutter that may cause accidents.
  • Bathrooms and toilets should have anti-slip mats or strong handrails to support the movement.
  • Safely hide all dangerous household items, such as cleaning agents or chemicals, to prevent misuse.
  • Emergency contacts should be visibly seen within key areas to call for help immediately.

The Care and Assist team continues to deliver reliable in-home care in Southaven, Mississippi.

We provide various services to make your daily experience a little more comfortable.

We also provide costoperative care for you or your loved ones who have been through an operation and want to recover at home.

Do you have any questions? Ask your future caregiver today. Give us a call.

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