Medication Management Tips for Older Adults

Managing medications is one of the most challenging tasks for seniors. It is a complex process as medications and quantities often change as their health needs evolve. Hence, senior assistance is often necessary to ensure medication adherence and prevent potentially dangerous drug interactions and complications.

As a companion care provider, we will share medication management tips for seniors:

  • Set daily reminders.

    Forgetting to take medication affects how the body is functioning and makes seniors more susceptible to becoming ill. Hence, set an alarm reminder to have a family member be responsible for reminding you. An in-home caregiver can also provide daily medication reminders to help you get into the habit of taking medicine at the same time each day.

  • Presort pills into dispensers.

    If you take multiple kinds of medications, consider using daily reminder boxes or similar medicine dispensers. These containers make it easier to organize your medicines by the day of the week. Having the days of the week labeled also makes it easy to determine if you have taken your medicine for the day.

  • Schedule regular doctor appointments.

    For most seniors, their healthcare needs are constantly changing. Hence, it is possible your symptoms may have changed and you no longer need to take a certain medicine. It may also be possible your prescribed medicine is not effective. By arranging regular doctor appointments, your healthcare provider can address any issues with your medications to ensure the best outcome.

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