Providing a Safe Home for Your Elderly Folks

When your loved ones retire, finding them a safe space to age is essential. But why do you need to find one if you can just make one? Care and Assist, your provider of in-home care in Southaven, Mississippi, will help you create a home conducive to senior care.

Maximize your loved one’s safety at home through these homemaking tips:

  • Appropriate lighting.

    Install lamps or light-emitting devices in areas your senior loved ones frequently go to or pass through. This way, they can navigate the area or path easily. Install lighting on their bedside as well so that they can find their way at night with ease.

  • Fix loose wirings.

    We don’t want our senior loved ones to encounter tripping and electricity-related accidents. Hence, ensure that cables are organized and out of reach.

  • Install assistive devices.

    Aside from personal assistive devices like canes and walkers that can provide senior assistance, make it easier for your elderly folks to move around by installing handrails and grab bars as well.

  • Personalize frequently used furniture.

    Customize chairs, beds, and other movable objects they tend to use every day. This way, they will be comfortable when sitting, eating, or sleeping.

  • Install monitoring systems.

    This is very important, especially when you’re away. You can keep an eye on your loved ones and their home care provider in Mississippi as well.

These tips are very helpful in ensuring your loved ones’ safety. However, if you don’t know where to start, our homemakers are willing to lend a hand. We also have caregivers trained to provide home care services for your elderly folks, may it be companion, disability, or personal care.

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