Recovering Fully After an Operation

Care and Assist, your provider of elderly care in Southaven, Mississippi, understands that operations are both physically and mentally tiring, which is why rest is crucial after a long, excruciating process. Recovery is faster when you take it slow and listen to your body, especially for older people or seniors.

Hereunder are some postoperative care tips for your elderly folks:

  • Follow your physician’s advice.

    If there’s someone who knows what’s best for your loved ones’ health, it’s your physician. Thus, their instructions must be followed exactly. If you have difficulty understanding their prescriptions, we can deploy a caregiver to help them in purchasing their medications and in tracking their medication schedules.

  • Don’t skip your meds.

    It’s not enough that they’re drinking the correct medications. It’s also important to drink them on schedule. If you notice that your elderly folks are frequently forgetting to take their medications, perhaps it’s time you ask someone to accompany them. Our companion care services will become handy.

  • Make some adjustments.

    After the operation, we can’t return to our normal lives yet. There are foods, drinks, and things we can’t eat, drink, or do yet, and that’s okay. Some sacrifices are worth it in the long run.

  • Regulate your diet with a well-balanced meal.
  • Be wary of your surroundings.

    Accidents can lead to re-hospitalization. Recovery is a crucial phase. Ergo, extra precaution is needed.

We are your trusted homecare provider, and we’ll live on to that statement every day. Therefore, if you need assistance for your loved ones, we’re the best people for the job. Contact us today!

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