Safety Tips to Help Reduce the Risk of Falls at Home

Age-related issues and chronic illness can increase the risk of falls, accidents, and other unwanted incidents at home. Notable examples include foodborne illness, slips, and choking incidents. Here are a few safety tips to help seniors reduce their risk of falls and other accidents at home:

  • Wear Age-Appropriate Footwear

    The type of shoes or slippers your elderly loved ones wear at home can increase the risk of falls. Common examples include heels, loose-fitting slippers, and bulky shoes. We can connect your elderly loved ones with a caregiver to provide mobility assistance and promote fall prevention at home.

  • Keep the Home Free of Clutter

    Clutter in the hallways and living areas can make it more difficult for seniors to move around freely, increasing the risk of falls, bumps, and slips. Hazards to take note of are loose wires, cables, and litter in the hallways and staircases.

  • Make Sure There Is Enough Light at Home

    Vision problems are a common issue many seniors face, making it more difficult for them to see tripping and falling hazards at home. Keep the home adequately lit at all times by installing night lights and changing light bulbs regularly. We offer senior assistance to help your elderly loved ones with mobility, errands, and chores like changing light bulbs.

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