What to Do if Your Elderly Parents Refuse Help?

As your parents become older and reach the elderly stage of life, it may become clear that they require assistance with their daily activities. While it may be evident to you, it may take them some time to realize or accept that they may require senior assistance.

Your elderly parents may object to having in-home caregivers because they dislike being waited on.

However, if the indications are there, you know that action is required.

Care and Assist specialize in elderly care in Southaven, Mississippi, and understands how hard this conversation can be. We’ve compiled a list of suggestions for addressing your elderly parents when they refuse to accept needed assistance.

  • You must talk with your parents before any prospective health condition makes the subject more difficult to discuss. Inquire where they see themselves when they get older or ask if they have considered hiring a housekeeper to assist them around the house. Understanding their fear of aging is preferable to suggesting they get assistance for themselves.
  • If the subject is brought up, your parents may become enraged. If this is the case, you must bear with them until they have had time to process the issue, as they have done with you. Putting limits on your parents’ future will not halt their refusal to cooperate. Giving your parents options shows them that their opinion is still respected and that they are still independent.
  • The indicators that a parent requires assistance may be obvious to all, yet it may take the advice or diagnosis of a medical professional to persuade them. Talking to doctors can assist an elderly person to understand their circumstances.

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