Ways to Improve Comfort and Safety in the Bathroom

Keeping up with personal hygiene is a crucial part of aging well. Good hygiene helps prevent infections and skin issues in the elderly. However, many seniors struggle with their hygiene routines. Hence, many seniors and their families rely on a home care provider in Mississippi to address their hygiene needs.

As your trusted postoperative care provider, we will discuss ways to improve senior comfort and safety in the bathroom:

  • Reduce clutter.

    Keeping the bathroom tidy will help seniors avoid falls. Bathrooms are relatively cramped spaces already, so additional clutter can make it even more challenging to navigate the space. Make sure the floor is free of clothing and other objects that can cause seniors to slip, such as throw rugs and certain décor items.

  • Keep necessities accessible.

    Accessibility is also a priority to increase safety and comfort in the bathroom. Make sure seniors can easily reach hygiene products and other items they need and can put them away after use without having to bend or stretch.

  • Install assistive aids.

    Grab bars can be installed in the bathtub or shower to make it easier for seniors to climb in and out. A shower bench can also make it easier to wash and prevent injury. Raised toilet seats can also be helpful for seniors with joint pain.

  • Arrange additional help.

    Our personal care attendants can assist seniors with their hygiene tasks. This also includes incontinence care, dressing assistance, and help with their daily routines. This ensures your loved one’s hygiene needs are met at home.

Care and Assist is a reputable and reliable provider of in-home care in Southaven, Mississippi. To improve your loved one’s hygiene habits, consider arranging in-home care. Reach out to us to learn more about our services.

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