Ways to Prevent Joint Pain and Stiffness in Old Age

Nobody realizes the problem of joint discomfort until it begins to interfere with their lives by limiting their motions. As a result, elders are advised to take care of their bone health right now to avoid difficulties later.

Following a few simple guidelines can assist to prevent the quick escalation of health problems. Care and Assist provide tried and tested tips offered by professionals. Here’s how you may help your elderly loved ones protect their joints.

  • Vitamin-D and calcium-rich foods
    A healthy diet can help you avoid a variety of health problems. Seniors should consume vitamin-D-rich foods that improve bone health to avoid joint problems. Milk, orange juice, mushrooms, and salmon are some of the top vitamin-D sources in our diet.
  • Healthy weight management
    Excess weight or obesity can cause joint pain, and this is because when your elderly accumulate weight, they must carry the extra weight, which causes greater pressure around the joints. Be mindful that if not addressed, this ailment might lead to concerns such as osteoarthritis later in life.
  • Regular exercise
    Whether it’s for weight control or keeping bodily flexibility, everyday exercise is a sure way to combat health issues. If you are unable to supervise their routine, feel free to employ an expert in elderly care in Southaven, Mississippi, who can assist your senior in exercising and staying disciplined about it.
  • Get adequate sunlight
    Our caregiver can encourage your senior to go for a walk or stroll around the park so they can absorb vitamin D from the sun. These practices enhance physical and mental happiness in old age, so instead of allowing your elderly to become inactive, urge them to stay active.

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